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Anima ! is a Sabbatical project, in which we'll ride America from top to bottom in a 4WD.

We'll be departing from Santos, Brazil going north to Alaska and then all the way down to Ushuaia before returning to our home in Santos, Brazil.
Our estimates are that we'll drive 45,000 miles in 13 months, passing through 18 countries in South, Central and North America.

We'll register the places, people and the trip in photos, videos and articles in our blog

Whats a sabbatical?
Sabbatical is an interruption, pause, ceasing in everyday activities. Usually they are resumed after this "rest period".
The most traditional sabbatical period is one year, being called then "sabbatical year". Therefore, it's also very frequent to have 3 or 6 months sabbaticals.
It has very old roots, since among ancient jews, the sabbatical year was the end of each 7 year period in which the land was not cultivated and debts were suspended. 
But anyone can have his/ her sabbatical period no matter the duration and your situation, just go and do it. 

Our initial route is in the map below. But we have an everchanging path. 
This route is just an idea of the places we intend to visit in this journey and may - and will - change during the trip.